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Water Park

Friday, July 23rd, 2010


A water park is a super fun place to take your children on a hot summer day, especially if they are swimmers. If you have children who don’t swim, you can put some water wings on them so that you don’t have to be holding them the entire time. I went once when all four of my children were non-swimmers, and there was an area that was a shallow kiddie pool that had lots of things to do. So I stayed in this area with the kids, unless the wave pool was going. Then we all went over to the wave pool.


A water park can be great exercise as you walk up the stairs over and over to get to the water slides. It can also be a bonding experience as a family. I would stay with the other children while my husband took one child at a time down the water slide. If your children are older, they can go down on their own. You can chat about life as you stand in line. Boldness or courage can be developed especially in your young sons. If they are scared about going down, they are going down the slide with dad or mom, and they can build their courage by experiencing the unfamiliar while clinging to someone they love. Sometimes children can become courageous in other areas of their lives, like sharing their faith, if they are able to take controlled risks in a safe environment.


Children can practice their swimming skills and get exercise at the same time. One of my favorite things to do was to float in an innertube in the wave pool. It was very relaxing and calming. If you float with one of your children, it is fun to see their smiling face beside you as you float up and down on the waves.