Tips for Success with a Toy Pottery Wheel


Here are some tips and a video for how to be successful when your children use a lousy toy pottery wheel (because all toy pottery wheels are lousy):

  • Start with a ball of clay the size of the pot you want. Place it on the toy pottery wheel. We used self-hardening clay because we had no money to get our pots fired professionally. (This is also why we were using a toy pottery wheel instead of a real one that was way out of our price range.)
  • Press the pedal to make the wheel go around. Don’t start crying because of the lack of power. I already told you it was lousy, so just make do.
  • Hold it firmly with wet hands so that you can shape it into a smooth blob. Feel it swooshing through your hands.
  • Stop the machine. Take your foot off the pedal. Push your fist into the blob, making a bowl.
  • Now press the pedal and make the spinner go around in circles again. Smooth it out with wet hands.
  • Keep your hands wet at all times.
  • It has to stay symmetrical, or it will start to fall apart. Keep it symmetrical and balanced all the way around. Smooth out the bumps.
  • When you’re finished with the pot, set it on wax paper to dry.
  • Wait at least overnight for the self-hardening clay to dry. Then use a black Sharpie marker to draw a pattern on it. Use black paint to fill it in. Let it dry.
  • Enjoy your finished pot. Give it to Grandma, who is the only one who will truly appreciate it.

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8 Responses to “Tips for Success with a Toy Pottery Wheel”

  1. Kathryn says:

    How cool is that! Wow!

  2. Dawn says:

    Very cool! We have a pottery wheel as well and really have to start using it. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I also posted about the wild bear den today, its a site in Minnesota not in my back yard (I only wish!). We used the site last year in our studies and our son is so excited to be seeing newborn cubs again on a daily basis.
    Hope you get the chance to check it out, I think your kids will love it!
    I better get to signing up with you!

  3. Janis Cox says:

    We tried that wheel – Good for you that you got it to work!!! I finally learned to use a real wheel – it was a lot easier.

  4. Laughing at that last comment. My daughter got a pottery wheel for Christmas and I keep wondering what we will do with all her masterpieces. Grandma for the win!

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