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Ancient Greek Vase Cake

Monday, October 31st, 2016


If you are studying Ancient Greece, why not make an Ancient Greek vase cake? It’s super easy to make, and your kids can pay closer attention to the artwork on Greek vases.

First we baked a chocolate rectangular cake. We grabbed a piece of cardboard and covered it with foil, taping it down in the back. Then we placed the cake upside-down on a cutting board and cut the shape of the vase.


I picked up the cake and placed it on the foil. We iced the cake with chocolate frosting. Then we mixed some skin color icing by putting a couple of drops of yellow and red into white frosting until the shade was right.

Now comes the fun part. I placed the icing into a plastic bag and cut a hole in the corner. I decorated the vase with various patterns. We have a Greek vase, so I looked at the vase while I was working. If you don’t have a Greek vase, you can look up a picture online and print it out.

The figures can be a thick version of stick figures, and you can make stripes or other patterns across the cake. If you want to play with different patterns on construction paper first, you can do this art activity:

This Ancient Greek vase cake is a perfect finale for a Greek feast. Here is a video demonstration of a Greek feast we celebrated as a family:

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Greek Art for Kids

Monday, December 2nd, 2013


Are you looking for super easy Greek art for kids? This art activity is the easiest I’ve ever seen! I saw this entry at the state fair and decided to do it with my own children. All you need is orange and black construction paper, scissors, and a black marker.

You will use the orange construction paper as the background of your project. We have chosen orange because it looks like the terra cotta pottery from Greece. Now you can cut out shapes of people from the black construction paper. It might be easier to draw the figures in pencil before cutting them out. Make sure the figures all face the same direction.

For the finishing touches, take your black marker and add embellishments and twirls to the top and bottom of your paper. If you need to look at Greek pottery designs, you can look here for inspiration.

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Rummy Roots Card Game

Monday, May 23rd, 2011


Rummy Roots is a card game where your children can learn Greek and Latin root words. In the pre-Rummy Roots game, you match the English word to the Greek or Latin word. It’s like a go-fish game. In the real Rummy Roots card game, you join two or more Greek or Latin roots together to form English words. This is a lot harder and wasn’t as fun for my kids as the easier version of the game.


My 10-year-old son was the only one that liked the real Rummy Roots game better than the easier version, so if you have high school students, you can probably skip to the real game and be fine. This game would definitely help in building vocabulary for reading comprehension as well as improve SAT scores.



Greek Feast

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011


The Greek Feast was the culminating activity for our Ancient Greece Unit Study. Here is the video footage of my children eating GreekĀ  food, dancing clumsily, and going out to get some baklava.