Why We Have a Cat: Part 2


Not knowing for sure if I was over my cat allergies, I knew that getting a cat would score points with my husband. Why did I want points, you ask? Because I wanted another baby. Yep. I wasn’t thinking properly, and my husband said that a house wasn’t a home until you had a cat by the fireplace, and technically I agreed. I just didn’t want to suffer. But I decided to take a chance.

My husband thought that as long as we had babies and toddlers around, he would never be able to do anything. (This included godly things like going on missions trips, to his credit, so he wasn’t just being selfish.) We were both so tired with four tiny children under the age of five, three in diapers. My husband thought subconsciously that he couldn’t have anything he wanted until we stopped paying so much money for diapers.

To prove him wrong and show him that he could have outrageous things even when we had babies, I got him the cat. He was very pleased. I didn’t tell him the real reason I got the cat. Instead I mentioned the mouse and the squirrel as valid reasons, plus I’ve always loved cats.

The cat ripped everything to shreds, jumped into the indoor plants and shoveled dirt onto the carpet, and if that wasn’t enough, she dropped marbles on the landing at nap time and during the middle of the night.

I had a newborn at the time. I needed rest badly. So I grabbed the cat during nap time and forced her onto a chair. I looked her dead in the eyes and said, “You’d better obey me. Take a nap now.” She knew I meant business. Within a few days, I had the cat trained to take naps. Sometimes I would see the cat jump up on her nap chair; I would look at the clock, and it was exactly one o’clock. The cat’s internal clock was programmed to nap at one.

To make a long story short, we never had another baby. I went through all that for nothing. (At least I didn’t suffer allergies.) When I told my husband the real reason I had gotten the cat, he laughed.

(Stay tuned for Part 3…)

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4 Responses to “Why We Have a Cat: Part 2”

  1. Well if that don’t beat all! I’ve never heard of anyone teaching their cat to nap on schedule! I love it!

  2. Malea says:

    That is awesome…a cat that naps on schedule! We’ve had cats since I was very young…and I am not a cat person. I really love and adore dogs, but we didn’t get a dog until I was in my late teens. I still am a dog person, and not much of a cat lover. I’m such a lover of dogs, that I just deal with the allergy issue, although my allergic reactions to dogs have never been as severe as you described with your cat allergy. Sigh…

    I am curious for part 3!!!

    One of my friends posted a hilarious cat story on Facebook today – she made meatballs, put them in the crockpot liner, and put it in the fridge overnight. Took them out and put in the crockpot in the morning to cook all day, then took them out and back in the fridge until supper. Well, later, she heard the cat meowing but couldn’t find it anywhere. She opened the fridge, and there was the cat! It had hopped into the fridge while the kids were getting a snack, and it had eaten all of the meatballs! No answer as to why the kids didn’t take the cat OUT of the fridge…

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