You Know You’re A Missionary Kid When…



You Know You’re A Missionary Kid When…

  • …people ask where you are from, and you hesitate.
  • …you are used to seeing 17 people in a VW bug.
  • …you don’t understand the jokes people tell.
  • …it takes over a year to receive an Easter box with candy in it, and you still eat the candy! Even if some of it has a strange flavor similar to that of the lotion which was also in the box.
  • …people ask you if you are happy to be “home” and your answer is “I guess?”
  • …you think in two languages at the same time.
  • …you miss the sound of raindrops on a metal roof.
  • …you worry that saying something in English will cause the price of an object to inflate ridiculously.
  • …people have asked you stupid questions like, “Do you go to school on elephants?”
  • …you’re in college and you haven’t seen your parents in years because they are still on the field.
  • …you see the embarrassing prayer card picture from like 8 years ago hanging on someone’s refrigerator.
  • …you can fit a tractor trailer load of luggage in a minivan.
  • …you have two passports (from different countries).
  • …you feel terribly guilty throwing away Zip-lock bags.
  • …the only people who think you’re normal are other MK’s.
  • …you’re staying at different people’s houses every weekend on furlough.
  • …you sit down and cry in the American supermarket because there are too many choices.
  • …toilet paper goes in the trash so the pipes don’t clog.
  • …you think American grocery stores have a certain “American smell” to them.
  • …you can’t stand people saying, “Welcome to the ‘real’ world.”
  • …you thought Grandma’s house was the lap of luxury when you were growing up.
  • …you were dressed about 10 years behind the times when back in the U.S. on furlough.
  • …you feel happy thinking about airports.
  • …you have trouble feeling comfortable in any American churches.
  • …you LOVE meeting people from your home country when in America.
  • …you can’t spend money on yourself.
  • …you look like you belong here but don’t truly feel at home.
  • …you think the real mission field is America.

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6 Responses to “You Know You’re A Missionary Kid When…”

  1. Melinda S. says:

    You keep thinking your kids need passorts, even though they have never been out of US and you have no actual plans to take them anywhere. It’s just something everybody ought to have!

  2. Meggan says:

    You got it! I am with you all the way….love thinking about airplanes. I always said I feel more comfortable on international flights than really anywhere else!

  3. Shirley w says:

    I miss the sound of rain on a GI tin roof!

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