#3 Legos


To be honest, the top three toys of all time tied. I had to think long and hard to actually pull Legos to 3rd place. My husband would have placed Legos in first place as his favorite childhood toy, and to the credit of Legos, my husband STILL plays with them! Yes, there are grown-up Legos called Lego Robotics, and even though they’re pricey, you can make real robots with Legos! One robot my husband made could find an object that was red, and bring the object back to the owner.


We started with Duplo Legos when our children were babies and toddlers, because of the choking hazard of a normal set. The Duplos have train track available, and my three little boys (and my daughter) all loved watching the train go around the track. My husband built me a rose with Duplos, connecting each Lego with one prong at an angle. I was impressed. Even though I played with Legos as a child, I never considered connecting them in that way. My husband never ceases to amaze me.


As our children have grown, we have graduated to the normal set and gotten rid of the Duplos, which I used for math equations and sequencing. Now my children build cities, pirate ships, and absolutely anything their imagination can conceive of.



Yes, Legos deserves to be #1, and I apologize to have to put it in 3rd, because it’s not right. But the other two toys can’t be 3rd either!

Take a look at this fun contraption made out of Legos!

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2 Responses to “#3 Legos”

  1. Wow their creations are amazing! We have one big set of legos that they play with a lot. I really should expand their collections. My parents were missionaries in Mexico when I was born. We moved to the US when I was six, but lived on the border where my parents still continue their Spanish speakers ministry. I am so sorry. You guys must be going through tough times. I want you to know your note yesterday was so encouraging to me! Praying for you!

  2. Susan Evans says:

    Thank you for your prayers. Through reading your blog, I’ve really come to love you. For those of you reading this, I highly recommend her blog. Just click on the blue words of her name, and you’ll get there. She’s my newest blogging friend. She makes me laugh.

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