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LEGO States

Monday, May 4th, 2015

LEGO-statesIf you are studying the geography of the United States, why not make some LEGO states? All you need is a couple of green bases and a bucket of red LEGO’s.

Look at the shape of each state before you begin outlining the state. You can use an atlas, a map online, or a puzzle piece. We have a wooden puzzle of the United States, and my son used the shape of the puzzle piece to create the outline for the state.

Once you have outlined the state with red LEGO’s on the green bases, you will want to fill in the rest of the state. This part is super easy and can even be done by preschoolers who want to help. Make sure you have added any details.

Here is a LEGO model of Connecticut:

LEGO-connecticutHere is a LEGO model of Oklahoma:


You can also add mountain ranges for the states by using a second row of red LEGO’s outlining the mountain ranges. You can even get creative and add other sightseeing places with other colors of LEGO’s to add interest!

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Lego Bacteria

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013


When studying about bacteria in biology, one of my sons decided to build a Lego bacteria. He used two small base plates, which he connected with black Legos representing the cell wall. Green Legos projected out of the cell wall, representing the pili used for locomotion. The flagellum is made of green Legos, and it looks like a tail coming out of the back of the bacterium. The flagellum is also used for locomotion.

The ribosomes are red Legos, and they synthesize protein in the cell. The ribosomes are what powers the bacterium because they take the DNA and turn it into protein for the cell to use. The DNA is made out of blue Legos arranged in a squiggly pattern. Without DNA, the cell would die very quickly because the ribosomes would not be able to make any protein.

Many bacteria are harmful to humans, but other bacteria help humans. People who study bacteria help us to stay healthy, which is one reason why my son wants to be a microbiologist.

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Lego Tower of Babel

Friday, October 4th, 2013


When you teach your children the origin of world languages, you can have them build a Lego Tower of Babel. All they have to do is grab a base and start building a square three rows tall. Then move on to a different color, scooting in by one row of bumps. Build a stack of three again. Continue until you have run out of Legos.

lego-tower-of-babel-2I did this in a church nursery one time with Duplo Legos, and the structure was even taller. You have to have an enormous set of Legos to actually make a structure tall enough to look like a tower. If you don’t have a large enough Lego set, you can make your tower out of blocks or other building materials. A miniature Tower of Babel could be made from sugar cubes.

Explain to the children that all men on earth had one language, and that they worked together to build a tower that reached to the heavens. God had commanded Noah and his family to be fruitful and to fill the earth. They disobeyed by staying in one place. Some people have speculated that they wanted the tall tower for 3 reasons:

  1. To climb on if there was another world flood, so they wouldn’t drown this time.
  2. So that they could find this location from far away, because it was so tall. They did not want to scatter to fill the earth like God commanded.
  3. They wanted to show their prowess of how awesome they were, because they could build a limitless structure that would reach up to God Himself.

In other words, they could disobey God, avert God’s wrath, and become like God, dwelling in the heavens. God struck them with confusion as they suddenly were each speaking separate languages. They couldn’t understand each other! The builders couldn’t figure out how to proceed because everyone was speaking gibberish. Just to survive, they separated into different regions and towns, and they never finished building the structure.

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#3 Legos

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010


To be honest, the top three toys of all time tied. I had to think long and hard to actually pull Legos to 3rd place. My husband would have placed Legos in first place as his favorite childhood toy, and to the credit of Legos, my husband STILL plays with them! Yes, there are grown-up Legos called Lego Robotics, and even though they’re pricey, you can make real robots with Legos! One robot my husband made could find an object that was red, and bring the object back to the owner.


We started with Duplo Legos when our children were babies and toddlers, because of the choking hazard of a normal set. The Duplos have train track available, and my three little boys (and my daughter) all loved watching the train go around the track. My husband built me a rose with Duplos, connecting each Lego with one prong at an angle. I was impressed. Even though I played with Legos as a child, I never considered connecting them in that way. My husband never ceases to amaze me.


As our children have grown, we have graduated to the normal set and gotten rid of the Duplos, which I used for math equations and sequencing. Now my children build cities, pirate ships, and absolutely anything their imagination can conceive of.



Yes, Legos deserves to be #1, and I apologize to have to put it in 3rd, because it’s not right. But the other two toys can’t be 3rd either!

Take a look at this fun contraption made out of Legos!