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Marbles and Ramps

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

marbles-and-rampsmarbles-and-ramps-2marbles-and-ramps-3marbles-and-ramps-4A runner-up to the top ten best open-ended toys of all time would have to be marbles and ramps. Watching marbles rolling down ramps and around and around in circles down a drain-like disk can be quite relaxing. My kids have always loved our marbles and ramps sets, rearranging them in different configurations. Sometimes their ramps were taller than my kids! Even Grandpa enjoyed watching the marbles rolling down the ramps!

Top 10 Best Open-Ended Toys

Saturday, November 26th, 2011


What are the best open-ended toys? Which toys are worth getting for your children? If you’re shopping for Christmas presents for your children, and you just don’t know what to get them, here are some ideas. These toys cause children to expand their imagination and creativity. They also keep children occupied longer, so they are a better investment of money. If you would like to see pictures of my kids playing with these toys, click on each number. To be honest, the top three toys of all time tied. I had to think long and hard to actually pull Legos to 3rd place. My husband would have placed Legos in first place as his favorite childhood toy, and to the credit of Legos, my husband STILL plays with them!

So here they are, the Top 10 Best Open-Ended Toys Ever:

#1 Costumes

#2 K’nex

#3 Legos

#4 Doll House

#5 Baby Doll

#6 Magic Trick Set

#7 Blocks

#8 Tinker Toys

#9 Gears

#10 Electronics Kit

Art supplies made it into the top 5 until I realized they weren’t toys, but they are always worth buying for your children. Marbles and Ramps and Nerf Guns were two runners up. We have also enjoyed walkie-talkies and spy equipment. What other open-ended toys have you enjoyed?

Nerf Guns

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Here are some fun pictures of my kids playing with nerf guns:










































Can you find the dart in the final picture?

#1 Costumes

Friday, December 17th, 2010


I have used costumes more than any other toys for homeschooling. They bring learning to life and are a sheer pleasure just for the fun of it. Sword fights, playing Davy Crocket, having Wild West shootouts, doing medieval feasts and Civil War re-enactments, costumes are open-ended and limitless in their potential.


Some time in the future, I will be giving workshops on how to use costumes in your homeschool. Truly, it is phenomenal what you can do with them. Your children will never see history the same. Put on a white lab coat, and suddenly chemistry is so much more fun. I’ve taught my children the deep truths of Scripture through costumes. Geography comes to life as well as history, as you dress up for different cultures.


Literature comes to life, too: my boys have run around like Robin Hood, shooting foam arrows at each other. Just look at my website, and you will see costumes everywhere. That is our life, and I can’t imagine homeschooling without them.