My Favorite Science Websites


These are some of my favorite science websites:

  • Periodic Table Song– Scroll down and listen to the Chemistry Element Song. Go on… Do it right now. The periodic table will never be the same…
  • Science Experiments You Can Do at Home – Science experiments with clear descriptions.
  • All About Birds – Click on a picture of a bird, read a description, and listen to the bird call.
  • Free Creation Science Videos – Creation science videos for older kids who can watch lectures.
  • Answers in Genesis Free Kid Videos – Creation science videos for younger kids. My kids enjoyed watching the 9-part series of Dangerous Journey, a kid version of Pilgrim’s Progress. Even though it technically wasn’t an animated cartoon, my kids still liked it.
  • DNA Tube – Some of these videos might contain evolution, but you can find outstanding videos for upper-level science here.

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4 Responses to “My Favorite Science Websites”

  1. Garnetta McNair says:

    Hello Susan,
    It is good to see you are on the case in the great educational fight. You have always been such an inspiration to me. You reached out to me personally with my own homeschool struggles as a widowed, single-parent home educator. Your words of wisdom, sage advice and genuine concern have carried me and sustained both my daughter, Arnetta, now 14, and I through so much.

    She was offered a chance in September of 2015 to start an Ivy League education on full scholarship. Her funding has since been summarily withdrawn by the University due to its merger with a larger educational institution and subsequent funding issues resulting thereof. However, we are still happy and ever vigilant.– Thanks to your past kind words and continued support. We believe that no blessing that Our Lord and Saviour has meant for us can be taken away. My daughter, philosophically stated, “maybe this means I have other things to do in the mean time until my opportunity truly arises.”

    She is my greatest blessing. She is programming in several computer languages, creates music electronically, creates 3d-models, writes with the wisdom of the ages and is a true Renaissance personality. Again, thank you so much for your guidance in helping both she and I to educate and learn at our best and within our means at all times.

    Continued Blessings My Friend and Sister in My Heart,
    Garnetta McNair and Arnetta Davis (dd14)

  2. Cassie says:

    Excellent info! I struggle with science, so this is very helpful.

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