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My Favorite Science Websites

Sunday, May 6th, 2012


These are some of my favorite science websites:

  • Periodic Table Song– Scroll down and listen to the Chemistry Element Song. Go on… Do it right now. The periodic table will never be the same…
  • Science Experiments You Can Do at Home – Science experiments with clear descriptions.
  • All About Birds – Click on a picture of a bird, read a description, and listen to the bird call.
  • Free Creation Science Videos – Creation science videos for older kids who can watch lectures.
  • Answers in Genesis Free Kid Videos – Creation science videos for younger kids. My kids enjoyed watching the 9-part series of Dangerous Journey, a kid version of Pilgrim’s Progress. Even though it technically wasn’t an animated cartoon, my kids still liked it.
  • DNA Tube – Some of these videos might contain evolution, but you can find outstanding videos for upper-level science here.

Charlotte Mason Online Tools: The Best 3

Saturday, May 5th, 2012


The three best Charlotte Mason online tools are available for you to enjoy at no cost. Here they are:

  • Ableside Online is a website with a book list for each grade level, based on living books approved by the Charlotte Mason style of teaching.
  • Anna Comstock’s Handbook of Nature Study is on the public domain and available to download for free at this site. It is both an encyclopedia and a living book. I love the way she writes in a personal style, completely unlike any other book with nature descriptions. I quote from this book in my homeschool conference workshop Using Journals to Teach Writing.
  • A fun blog with ideas for nature study and notebooking is The Outdoor Hour.

Armed with the best nature study book, a book list for each grade level, and some fun activities to do outdoors, these three Charlotte Mason online sites should help you to homeschool if you enjoy using the Charlotte Mason method.

Free Online Bible Resources

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Bible-resources-1One of the fun Bible resources online to help you and your children love the Bible is the Bible on audio. Max McLean has a deep, luxurious voice as he reads the Bible and brings it to life. Here is the link for free Bible on audio:

Bible-resources-2Another fun resource is to listen to the Bible in Hebrew or Greek. Back when we were studying Israel, it was fun to hear what Hebrew sounded like. You can choose a familiar Psalm, for example. Now that we are studying Ancient Greece, we can listen to the New Testament in Greek, to see what it sounds like. Here is the link for the Academy of Ancient Languages:

Bible-resources-3If you have young children, you can have your children listen to Bible stories and do other activities that go with the different Bible stories. Here is the link for the Garden of Praise:

Bible-resources-4The last fun link for Bible class would be “Art and the Bible,” which shows lots of famous artwork that goes with Bible stories. If you click on “Old Testament,” and then “Genesis,” you will see the first chapter of Genesis along with five famous works of art, for example. Here is the link:

These are the only four links I have kept in my “Homeschooling: Bible” bookmarks on my computer. I consider them the best in what they have to offer, especially since they are free!