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My Favorite Science Websites

Sunday, May 6th, 2012


These are some of my favorite science websites:

  • Periodic Table Song– Scroll down and listen to the Chemistry Element Song. Go on… Do it right now. The periodic table will never be the same…
  • Science Experiments You Can Do at Home – Science experiments with clear descriptions.
  • All About Birds – Click on a picture of a bird, read a description, and listen to the bird call.
  • Free Creation Science Videos – Creation science videos for older kids who can watch lectures.
  • Answers in Genesis Free Kid Videos – Creation science videos for younger kids. My kids enjoyed watching the 9-part series of Dangerous Journey, a kid version of Pilgrim’s Progress. Even though it technically wasn’t an animated cartoon, my kids still liked it.
  • DNA Tube – Some of these videos might contain evolution, but you can find outstanding videos for upper-level science here.