Prophetic Statue from Daniel


To understand the prophecies of the different nations that would rule after Babylon, you can make a prophetic statue from Daniel with your children. Teach your children about history and how God’s prophecies always come true. The head of the statue was gold, representing Babylon. The chest was silver, representing the Medo-Persian Empire that conquered Babylon the same night that the writing on the wall happened. The Greek Empire was represented by brass, and Alexander the Great conquered all the known world at the time. Then the Roman Empire came next, which was represented by iron. This was during the time that Jesus was born. The Holy Roman Empire followed, which had clay mixed with iron, and that kingdom would eventually crumble because it had weaknesses, being too spread out.

To make this prophetic statue from Daniel, you will need the following items:

  • white self-hardening clay
  • a plastic placemat for underneath
  • a clay sculpting tool (or a table knife)
  • paint and paintbrush (or spray paint) in gold, silver, bronze, black, and dark red


Grab a hunk of clay and mold it into the shape of a Persian man with folded arms. Let the clay dry for a few days.


Spray paint the entire statue gold (or paint it on with a brush). The next day, cover the head of the statue and the waist down. Tape the paper in place before you spray paint the chest silver. You don’t need to cover the statue if you are brushing it on by hand, which is what I did with the other colors. Use a brass-colored paint for the lower torso, and black paint for the legs. Then paint the feet a reddish clay color. Let that dry, and then dot it with black. The feet were supposed to be clay mixed with iron.

Your prophetic statue from Daniel is now complete, and you can use it to teach children about this prophecy given to King Nebuchadnezzar from the Babylonian Empire. Daniel interpreted the dream. All these prophecies came to pass, just as the Lord predicted through this dream.


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  1. Wow! You are certainly talented! Am not a sculptor but I certainly do admire those with the talent. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Good Morning Susan. I am a person who plays with clay. I do ceramics and usually I have something going.

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