Quarantine Introspection


Never could we have imagined what 2020 had in store one year ago, while ringing in the new year. Never could we have known the whole world would shut down over microscopic particles, that the economy would bankrupt thousands of companies, that looting and prejudice would rise up, and that politics would be so divisive.

This year has had it all. And yet of all years, this year I have learned to be more of a Mary at the feet of Jesus rather than any other year. Instead of doing for the Lord, I was being more in the presence of the Lord. Yes, there was still plenty of ministry, but it seems like I sat in the presence of God way more this year than any other year because of the pandemic.

As we move into the new year, here are 5 Scripture verses that God brought to my mind to prepare our hearts for 2021:

Looking back over 2020, here are some things we’ve done as a family to pass the time productively during the quarantine:

  • Going for walks around the neighborhood for exercise
  • Putting together a world puzzle & learning about different countries
  • Creating a backyard oasis and vegetable garden
  • Reading books and doing creative writing, including poetry
  • Deepening relationships over the phone and through Zoom

To get a picture of a productive activity that you can do during a quarantine, here is a video of my daughter and I, on a walk during the pandemic. My daughter has the goofiest conversation that she makes up on the spot:

I would like to leave you with a poem I just wrote:

The Quarantine: A 10-Minute Freewrite Poem

hunkered down inside a house
with curtains drawn
waiting for the plague to pass
examining our hearts
looking up to the Almighty
setting our houses in order
wondering if the next fatality
will be someone dear
afraid to hug, to be near
separated by distance
never quite connecting
alone in a pile of thoughts
inactive and desensitized
waiting for things to get back
to normal, to the expected
but life will never be the same
fragility of life is in the forefront

May this New Year bring more of the presence of God into our lives, and may we prioritize the things that matter!

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8 Responses to “Quarantine Introspection”

  1. Donna Miller says:

    Lol I was giggling along with you and your daughter, such fun! Love this Susan! My hubby and I have also done better with spending time with Jesus and also talking more walks than in other years. Blessings to you and your family in 2021 … ❤

  2. tharini says:

    A world puzzle sounds like a great idea. I love the sound of your reflection poem too. During lockdown last summer I decided to try learning French online and also did fun puzzles as well. I also made a chocolate mug cake, did art and went on many quick nature walks. I also briefly learned about the world of sewing and went back to church in the fall last year. We got a new puppy.

  3. Thara says:

    Lockdown taught me many things. I learned that HE is in control of my life and the importance of prayer and friendship as well. During the first ever lockdown I conducted weekly prayer meetings at home via Zoom or Skype. I even recorded a short video to post onto Facebook each week.
    Each prayer meeting consisted of a opening prayer, a presentation, discussion or game and a couple of Christian songs plus a closing prayer. I also from time to time had a physical demonstration and a ten minute talk on a aspect of Christianity. Once I added in a non specific Q and A round and a themed quick quiz or competition in order to make things more fun. Plan lessons in case.
    I read some fun articles on Christianity out. You could even do short live interviews with Christian musicians and people as well. I even handled the prayer and song requests in addition. Good luck. It was fun.

    • Susan says:

      Yes, prayer and friendship are truly important, as our walk with God and our fellowship with one another are the most important aspects of our lives.

  4. Thara says:

    Heya. During the first ever lockdown I drank a lot of wine. We played mini Rummikub and listened to my music in order to relax as well. I also spent a lot of time working on new techniques in art and craft activities in addition. That was fun in addition. We sat outside in the fresh air at least once a week to do lessons all on a flat surface and have free family picnics at home.
    We often went to a nearby lake to sketch the ducks and connect with the wildlife. We always had lots of free workbooks too to ease the boredom. From time to time we drove to a garden centre to buy fruit and veg at really decent prices. We took part in a fun book swap in the community. Once a week we made some tasty bread and cakes all by hand at home. I built a deck at home.
    We also tried to learn drawing and painting skills and read stories out loud to each other. Unless we had no option we avoided watching movies and playing silly video games. Every single week on Friday afternoons I went to a supermarket to find wine and a copy of a newspaper. I also collected so many free leaflets and magazines on my visits to a library downtown.

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