Robot Birthday Party


My son Bryan has always been fascinated by robots, so we decided to give him a robot birthday party. We created various robots, baked a robot cake, and played outdoor games with a robot theme.

How to Make a Robot Cake


I baked two chocolate rectangle cakes: one of them was the main part of the body, and the other one was cut into a head, arms, legs, and feet. We frosted the cake with chocolate frosting. We used candy to decorate the robot: sweet tarts for the buttons and red licorice for the stripes. The eyes and mouth can be made with any candy that you have lying around, as long as they are oval-shaped or circular.


You will need to find some cardboard and line it with foil. Put the robot cake on top of it, since no regular plate will be large enough for this cake.

Robot Centerpiece


For the robot centerpiece we used colorful confetti underneath some Transformer robot toys. You could use any robot made out of any building set.

Robot Invitation


We bought several LEGO robotics kits and built different robots. For an invitation to a robot birthday party, all you need is a photo of a robot for the front of the invitation.

Recycled Robot


You can put together a recycled robot with trash around the house, silver spray paint, and hot glue. You need various sizes of cardboard boxes for the body, the legs, and the arms, which you will need to spray paint silver. You can have a large can for the head. (We used a large peaches can from Costco.) Google eyes and plastic lids of various shapes and sizes can be added to your robot.

Robot Birthday Party Games


Assembling robots is probably the most fun activity for the party, but you can also set up outdoor games that are made of silver cardboard. Throw ping pong balls through a hole or into a robot head.

We had a simple robotic arm that we used for picking up various objects. We made a light-sensitive robot. Shining a flashlight on it caused it to move towards the light!


My son Bryan thoroughly enjoyed his robot birthday party, and it led to my sons joining a robotics league where they competed against other schools and states!

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16 Responses to “Robot Birthday Party”

  1. Heather Hart says:

    How cool! I bet y’all had a ton of fun. My son was on a robotics team last year. They got to build and code their own robots for competition. He loved it.

  2. What fun. I know my little boys would LOVE this theme for a birthday party. I don’t think I could do the robot cake well though. All my theme cakes end up a pile of mush!

  3. Melissa says:

    The recycled robot is so cool!! I think all boys go through a bit of a robot phase!

  4. Brandy says:

    How fun! Great ideas!

  5. Julie says:

    What a cute party idea! I’m glad his enjoyment for robots led him to take part in a robotics team! I bet he learned a lot from that!

  6. Ann (Neethu) says:

    Such a brilliant and unique idea for a birthday celebration.

  7. I love the fact that you decorated with items you probably already had! I remember for my oldest 1st birthday we did a Telletubbies theme and used all of her stuff to decorate.

  8. -melissa :) says:

    What a FUN, affordable birthday idea! My son went through the lego robotic kit phase too. I loved that he could have fun and learn to program at the same time!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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