Spring Scavenger Hunt (free PDF)

spring-scavenger-huntWhy not celebrate the coming of spring with a Spring Scavenger Hunt? Go on a fun nature hike and see if you can find the following items. Snap a picture of each item as you find it, and add the pictures to your nature journal. You can add descriptions under the photos, or older students can sketch the items into their journals, using the photos as a guide.

  1. bird nestspring-scavenger-hunt-2
  2. buds on tree branches
  3. daffodils
  4. sapling (young tree)
  5. ducks on a pond or river
  6. caterpillar, cocoon, or butterflyspring-scavenger-hunt-3
  7. new cones on evergreen trees
  8. plants pushing up out of soil
  9. cumulus cloud
  10. tulips
  11. new grass
  12. feathers
  13. crocuses
  14. lichen growing on rocks
  15. dandelionsspring-scavenger-hunt-5
  16. squirrel
  17. egg shells
  18. seeds
  19. hyacinths
  20. bees buzzing around flowers

You can print out a copy of this scavenger hunt here:

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10 Responses to “Spring Scavenger Hunt (free PDF)”

  1. Hi Susan!

    What a great idea. Never occurred to me to have my kids do a scavenger hunt where they just take pictures of stuff. What a way to make a hike fun. Thanks for sharing it.

    Nice to meet you via UBC.


  2. Loved this so much that I shared it with my readers on my Tampa Bay Freebies website here-> http://www.tampabayfreebies.com/2013/04/spring-scavenger-hunt-free-pdf.html

    Thanks for posting this 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    In our home school, we get mired down by the books and the to-do list and forget to just get out and enjoy the outdoors during school hours, too! Thanks for this reminder, and I’m going to take my little Mack, who is 6 and is wiggly as they come, outdoors for school tomorrow. It’ll do both of us a world of good!

  4. Tracey Grady says:

    I love games and challenges of all kinds (they’re my core business) and scavenger hunts are no exception. I played one like this last year with my son and he asked if we could do it again soon. With a little bit of modification to suit my location, I think your scavenger hunt could work well.

    • Susan says:

      Back when I was a school teacher, my classes would have loved this scavenger hunt, too. It helps you to get out into nature and enjoy it!

  5. Love the scavenger hunt!

    I don’t have children, but I have worked as a director for an academic based after school enrichment program. I wish your site existed then! You have great ideas and activities.

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