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Autumn Scavenger Hunt (Printable)

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016


With the crisp air of the fall, why not take your kids out for a fun autumn scavenger hunt? Don’t you just love the beautiful reds, yellows, and oranges of nature at this time of year? From hayrides to apple picking to jumping into piles of leaves, there are so many ways to get outside and enjoy the season. Grab your camera and try to find each of the following autumn objects:

1. pine cone
2. squirrel
3. 3 colorful leaves
4. tree with no leaves left
5. pumpkin
6. seeds
7. thorns
8. dead grass
9. birds flying south
10. black-eyed Susans
11. dark clouds
12. spider
13. mushroom
14. moss on a twig
15. duck
16. berries on a bush
17. a moth
18. a stick
19. pine needles
20. dried weeds

Print out this fun scavenger hunt, and see how many items you can find:

Capture Your Autumn Scavenger Hunt on Film

If you want to capture autumn on video instead of with photographs, your kids can have a ball! Watch the following video to observe my family as we run through spectacular autumn scenery and throw leaves at each other. It’s a great bonding activity for any family!

Summer Beach Scavenger Hunt (free PDF)

Monday, July 7th, 2014


Here is a fun Summer Beach Scavenger Hunt for you to print out:

When you’re at the beach, you hear the sound of waves lapping against the shore, and you smell the salt water sprayed all around you. Why not capture some of those things in photographs? My husband and I took the following beach photos. We took many photos of footprints, for example, and we chose the best one, where my husband decided to get the waves of the ocean in the background. You can also give prizes for the best photos in each category of your scavenger hunt. Here is a list of some things that you would find on a beach:

Summer Beach Scavenger Hunt

1. Footprints in the sand

2. Seaweed

3. Driftwood

4. Seashell or sea urchin


sea-urchin5. Smooth rock

6. Feather

7. Crab shell

8. Sand castle or fort

9. Barnacles

10. Seagull


11. Moss

12. Large rocks jutting into the water

13. Clouds on the horizon

14. Pile of natural items from the beach

15. Holes in the sand

16. Insect

17. Tangled hair

18. Sand dollar

19. Sea foam


20. Sunset


Spring Scavenger Hunt (free PDF)

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

spring-scavenger-huntWhy not celebrate the coming of spring with a Spring Scavenger Hunt? Go on a fun nature hike and see if you can find the following items. Snap a picture of each item as you find it, and add the pictures to your nature journal. You can add descriptions under the photos, or older students can sketch the items into their journals, using the photos as a guide.

  1. bird nestspring-scavenger-hunt-2
  2. buds on tree branches
  3. daffodils
  4. sapling (young tree)
  5. ducks on a pond or river
  6. caterpillar, cocoon, or butterflyspring-scavenger-hunt-3
  7. new cones on evergreen trees
  8. plants pushing up out of soil
  9. cumulus cloud
  10. tulips
  11. new grass
  12. feathers
  13. crocuses
  14. lichen growing on rocks
  15. dandelionsspring-scavenger-hunt-5
  16. squirrel
  17. egg shells
  18. seeds
  19. hyacinths
  20. bees buzzing around flowers

You can print out a copy of this scavenger hunt here: