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Marriage Articles, Webinars, and Audios

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

marriage-articlesHere are some marriage articles, webinars, and audios that often include personal stories from my life. I show you how my husband and I relate to each other. My heart is to see godly marriages where the husband and wife are truly one.

Marriage Articles:

Marriage Webinars and Workshops:

Marriage Audios:


Humor Articles

Friday, January 27th, 2012


If you are looking for a laugh, come read some of these humor articles. Hopefully you’ll fall over laughing…

Growing Older Humor
You Know You’re Growing Older When…

Marriage Humor
Worst Valentines Day Gifts
The Story Behind the Love Story
Feeling Warm and Toasty

Parenting Humor
You Know You’re the Mother of Boys When…
Floor Coffee: The New Trend
We Don’t Need a Cart

Homeschool Humor
Toy Castle Adventure
Only a Homeschooler

Travel Humor
Susan’s Wacky Travel Tips (Airplane Edition)
Susan’s Wacky Travel Tips (Road Trip Edition)

Toilet Humor
Top 10 Ways Your House Falls Apart

Random Humor
The Exploded Cauliflower
Top 10 Reasons Sickness Isn’t So Bad

Business Humor
Give Them a Chance
The Conference Comedy
Workshop Went Well (Miraculously)

Christmas Humor
Susan’s Wacky Gingerbread House Tips
Cookie Nativity Scene Fiasco
Stealing Ornaments and Christmas Memories
World’s Worst Stocking Stuffers

Articles on Organization for Homeschoolers

Friday, January 6th, 2012


Being organized as a homeschooling family can help immensely in how much you are able to accomplish in your homeschool day. So how do you become organized as a homeschooler? Here are some articles on organization for homeschoolers that will show you practical ways to become organized:

Organizing Your House
Organizing the Bedroom
Organizing Your Kitchen
Organizing Your Living Room
Organizing the Bathroom
Organizing the Office
Re-Organize Your Office
Covering a Bulletin Board with Cloth
Organizing Shoes
Tips for Organizing a Shared Closet
Decorating Your Daughter’s Room

Organizing Your Homeschooling Space
Organizing Your Homeschool
How to Make an Educational Display
Science Learning Center
Nature Display Ideas
Organizing Games
Fun Art Supply Ideas (free PDF)

Organizing Your Homeschool Time
A Typical Homeschool Day
Goals for my Children
Organizing Your Homeschool Through Prayer
Do the Hardest Thing First
Easter Ideas

Organizing Your Personal Time
Live Life Deliberately
Your Days Are Numbered
Visual Goals for the New Year
Post-It Notes
Trash Your Goals

Organizing Your Car
Organizing Your Car

Great Products for Organizing your Homeschool
Organizing for a Fun Homeschool.
Homeschool Room Makeover
A Schedule that Works
Overcoming Math Frustration

Fun Winter Activities for Homeschoolers

Thursday, December 8th, 2011


Looking for something to do with the kids when it’s cold outside? Here are dozens of ideas for fun winter activities for homeschoolers:

Arts and Crafts
Snowflake Card
Fill Your Own Ornament
Decorating with Snowflakes
Embossed Christmas Ornaments
Decorated Ornaments
Jesse Tree
Homemade Nativity Scene
25 Gifts for Children to Make

Baking and Food
Snowflake Funnel Cake
Marble Fudge
Snowflake Cookies
Transformer Cookies
What to Eat with Tomato Soup
Susan’s Wacky Gingerbread House Tips
Deluxe Gingerbread Houses

Winter Exercise
How to Build a Snow Cave
Winter Scavenger Hunt (Free PDF)

Field Trips
Horse and Carriage Ride
The Nutcracker
Living Nativity

Games and Toys
Best Open-Ended Toys Ever
#1 Costumes
#2 K’nex
#3 Legos
#4 Doll House
#5 Baby Doll
#6 Magic Trick Set
#7 Blocks
#8 Tinker Toys
#9 Gears
#10 Electronics Kit
Nerf Guns

Christmas Tea Party
“Mug Mania” Christmas Party
Fun Stocking Stuffers for Boys
Fun Stocking Stuffers for Girls
Stockings to Fit Individuals
World’s Worst Stocking Stuffers
Santa Doesn’t Exist
Is Christmas Pagan?
Cookie Nativity Scene Fiasco
Shining the Joy of Jesus
Real Christmas Carols
The Star of Bethlehem