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LEGO Samson

Friday, October 23rd, 2015


Have you ever thought of creating scenes from the story of Samson with LEGOs? Samson was definitely an interesting man from the book of Judges. His hair was extremely long, and for some reason the length of his hair had something to do with his incredible strength. Never has a man existed with more strength than Samson.

Maybe the reason why his strength left him when Delilah betrayed him by cutting off his hair–maybe the reason he was no longer strong was because God had commanded him not to cut his hair, and cutting off his hair was an act of rebellion to God.

I find it interesting that God chose such a womanizer for a judge. It seems like he kept falling in love with women who were not God’s people. He reaped the consequences for His sin.


So we made a LEGO Samson scene by starting with a green LEGO base. The building and pillars were made from white LEGOs, and my son set Samson right in the middle of the center pillars. The other LEGO men are walking around as if they were at a party.

This is the final scene of Samson’s life, after his enemies had gouged out his eyes as a result of Delilah’s betrayal. They made sport of him at a banquet hall, and they set him beside two posts that apparently held up the whole building. He asked God for strength one last time, and he was able to push down the pillars and destroy more of God’s enemies with that moment than all the rest of his life combined.

I hope you enjoyed our LEGO Samson scene! For more LEGO activities, click here.

Gideon Unit Study

Friday, March 14th, 2014


My kids have been filming videos to bring the entire Scripture to life for kids, and we are now doing a Gideon Unit Study. The videos are all uploaded into the huge Bible section of the Treasure Vault. We have been studying each of the judges of Israel, and the kids had so much fun re-enacting the story of Gideon.

First we have Gideon approached by the angel of the Lord, who tells him that he is a valiant warrior. Gideon is bewildered by this greeting, and he is told that he will deliver Israel from the Midianites. He asks, “Why me? I’m the least of my family.” But the Lord promises to be with him.

Grab some fleece (either some cotton or a pillow) and tell the Lord that you need a sign, to know if you will succeed in battle. The fleece needs to be wet at first, with the ground dry. Then you realize that this could have easily happened naturally, so you flip it around and say that if the fleece is dry and the ground is wet, that has to be God. And so it was.

Gideon was commanded to smash down the Baal and the Asherah, and the people were angry. When they got over the shock of the destroyed idols, they joined Gideon to go to battle against Midian. Tell the soldiers to go home if they are scared. Most of the soldiers are scared and go home. Then throw a blue blanket on the floor, and the soldiers need to drink the water from the blanket river. Those who lap the water after scooping it with their hands win the lottery to go to war. All the others must go home.

Now is the fun part. After Gideon sneaks into the camp to overhear the enemy having a dream of being conquered, Gideon divides the soldiers into 3 groups. Try to have pots you can smash on the floor. Otherwise pretend to smash the pots. Hold up the torches or flashlights. This is especially dramatic when you perform it in a dark room, but we filmed it in the daylight. If you want to make a craft of a torch for the Gideon story, my friend Ticia made some out of Q-tips. Then blow some trumpets, or pretend to blow trumpets and shout, “For the Lord and for Gideon!”

If you want to make this scene out of LEGOs, you can find the instructions here:

Here are some of the drawings that my children made for their Bible notebooks. The first one is a comic strip:


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