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David and Goliath in LEGO

Friday, October 30th, 2015


When reading the story of David and Goliath to your kids, why not have them re-enact the story with LEGOs? My kids created a scene on a green LEGO base. They had an army of Israelite LEGO men on one side and a LEGO giant on the other side. The LEGO giant was holding a spear. The David figure is leaning back to throw the smooth stone out of his slingshot. This stone will hit Goliath on the forehead and send him crashing to the ground.

The Israelites won this battle because David knew that God was mightier than any giant. When we put our trust in Him, we do not need to be afraid.

If you are doing a unit study on David and Goliath, here are some free crafts, videos, and hands-on activities that you can do:


Because of his courage (and because God had chosen him to be king through Samuel’s anointing), David became the next king of Israel. You can re-enact other scenes from the life of David. Pictured above is David sitting on his throne while people bow to him from other nations. God gave him victory over all the nations around him because He put his trust in God.

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LEGO Olympics

Monday, October 26th, 2015


My son enjoyed making a LEGO Olympics scene. It came out great! He started off with a green LEGO base, attaching a red track around the base in the form of a circle. This was the running track, and he placed several Olympic runners on the race track, bending their legs and arms as if they were running.

Next he made a long jump activity. He made this out of green LEGOs, alternating light green and dark green. He placed several jumpers on it. One jumper had his hands back and was tilted slightly forward because he was about to jump. The other jumper had already landed and was in a sitting position.


The next part is the swimming area. Several swimmers are in the water; one is going one direction and one is going the other. If you want to make a larger Olympic swimming pool, you can make another scene. This way you can make lanes in the swimming pool by using light blue LEGOs as the dotted lines inside the dark blue swimming pool water. Place white LEGOs on the two shorter edges of the swimming pool, and have the swimmers diving into the pool and swimming down the lanes. I hope you enjoyed our fun Olympic LEGO scenes!

LEGO Samson

Friday, October 23rd, 2015


Have you ever thought of creating scenes from the story of Samson with LEGOs? Samson was definitely an interesting man from the book of Judges. His hair was extremely long, and for some reason the length of his hair had something to do with his incredible strength. Never has a man existed with more strength than Samson.

Maybe the reason why his strength left him when Delilah betrayed him by cutting off his hair–maybe the reason he was no longer strong was because God had commanded him not to cut his hair, and cutting off his hair was an act of rebellion to God.

I find it interesting that God chose such a womanizer for a judge. It seems like he kept falling in love with women who were not God’s people. He reaped the consequences for His sin.


So we made a LEGO Samson scene by starting with a green LEGO base. The building and pillars were made from white LEGOs, and my son set Samson right in the middle of the center pillars. The other LEGO men are walking around as if they were at a party.

This is the final scene of Samson’s life, after his enemies had gouged out his eyes as a result of Delilah’s betrayal. They made sport of him at a banquet hall, and they set him beside two posts that apparently held up the whole building. He asked God for strength one last time, and he was able to push down the pillars and destroy more of God’s enemies with that moment than all the rest of his life combined.

I hope you enjoyed our LEGO Samson scene! For more LEGO activities, click here.

LEGO Gideon

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015


You can have your kids act out the story of Gideon by creating a LEGO Gideon scene! The most exciting scene of the Gideon story is when Gideon divides his 300 men into groups with everyone holding a pot and a trumpet. As soon as they blew the trumpet, they smashed the pots, which were hiding flaming torches. The enemies were routed by thinking they were surrounded by a much larger army, and they began turning on each other. So the victory was won because God granted them the victory by instructing Gideon exactly what to do. When we obey God, He blesses us with eventual victory, even when the odds seem stacked against us!

You can make the white LEGO tents of the enemy in the middle of the LEGO base while surrounding the camp with soldiers who have a trumpet and a pot.

You can read the story in Judges 6-7. Gideon was actually quite wimpy and scared when the angel of the Lord approached him and said he was a valiant warrior. He refused to obey at first until God provided two miracles: one with a fleece that was wet while the ground was dry, and the other with a fleece that was dry while the ground was wet.

He even had to whittle down his army from thousands to only 300. Random actions like lapping water from a brook instead of scooping it with their hands caused some soldiers to be chosen by God while others were sent home.

Gideon was nervous with such a small army. God’s word that they would win was not enough for him. It wasn’t until he heard the enemy had a nightmare that Gideon won the battle that Gideon finally had the courage to obey God.

This story encourages me that even if my faith falters, God will always follow through on His word, and He can always be trusted.

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