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Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters #4: Tissue Paper Art

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013


Have you thought of other creative ways to use cookie cutters? Today we will look at how to make tissue paper art using cookie cutters. A flower cookie cutter lends itself well to being shaped into a flower. I just cut out a stack of 4 hot pink flower shapes, stabbed a pipe cleaner through it, and fluffed the petals. That’s it. The daffodil was formed out of two pieces of yellow tissue paper, one flat and the other one pointing outwards. I got a lid of a coke bottle and put it into the middle of the daffodil, folding the tissue paper into a cup. Super easy.

If you have other shapes of cookie cutters, you can make a tissue paper stained glass window. Start with a light color of tissue paper, like light pink, peach, or yellow. Cut the large sheet of tissue paper into a vertical rectangle with a pointed top, like a cathedral window. Tape the tissue paper to the window. Then use your cookie cutter as a stencil to make colorful shapes to glue onto the larger piece of tissue paper. This is especially beautiful with a maple leaf cookie cutter with orange, red, and brown tissue paper leaves against a yellow background. Enjoy your stained glass window.

Next up in our blog series: Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters #5. Hint: This was my son’s idea. We tried it one way, failed, then modified the wonderful breakfast idea until it worked!