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Garden of Eden Terrarium

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013


When you teach your children about the Garden of Eden in Genesis, why not make a unique terrarium? You can use real plants to make a beautiful garden inside a glass salad bowl or any other large glass container or jar. Cascading tiny flowers would add a beautiful touch.

If you want to keep the Garden of Eden terrarium alive for longer than a day, you will want to put a layer of small pebbles on the bottom for drainage. Then add good gardening soil, adding the plants one by one, putting the larger plants in the back and the smaller ones in the front. Feel free to let the plants grow upward and out of the jar, overlapping the sides. Then add plastic animals throughout the terrarium. Imagine how God felt as He created the world for the first time, with the angels singing for joy in the background (Job 38:7)


Read about the creation of the beautiful Garden of Eden, about the rivers that watered the land, about the fruit-bearing trees, and about what happened when Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree in Genesis chapters 1-3.

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