Top 10 Benefits of Sickness

Why not look on the bright side while you’re miserable? Here are the top 10 benefits of sickness:

  1. You can lose weight without trying.
  2. The medication causes you to have better sleep.
  3. Coughing is a good workout for your abs. Burn that belly fat.
  4. You can take the day off.
  5. Your family leaves you alone, so you can catch up on some reading.
  6. People don’t expect you to be productive. Nothing is demanded of you.
  7. The house is a mess, and your family still treats you like a princess.
  8. Instead of being required to cook, people cook for you.
  9. Suddenly your schedule is freed up, since you’re not allowed to go anywhere.
  10. It’s a get-out-of-jail-free card for an event you don’t want to attend.

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6 Responses to “Top 10 Benefits of Sickness”

  1. Rochelle says:

    I love that first reason lol.

  2. Emmy says:

    You are making me want to be sick!!

  3. Amy says:

    Hrmm, I have a two year old so most of there rules don’t apply. Bummer 🙁

  4. Christina says:

    I’d say about half of the rules apply in my house, too! I still get jumped on and asked to do things, but at least I don’t have to feel guilty about a messy house. And it’s nice to have an excuse to stay in the house for a few days, too. I think the only time I could be really alone in silence for half a day in bed is when I had surgery. Sometimes it actually makes me want to have another surgery!

  5. Lourie says:

    Almost…no one ever leaves me alone. hahaha. But oh so true. And sooo funny! I laughed all the through. 😛

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