Rummy Roots Card Game


Rummy Roots is a card game where your children can learn Greek and Latin root words. In the pre-Rummy Roots game, you match the English word to the Greek or Latin word. It’s like a go-fish game. In the real Rummy Roots card game, you join two or more Greek or Latin roots together to form English words. This is a lot harder and wasn’t as fun for my kids as the easier version of the game.


My 10-year-old son was the only one that liked the real Rummy Roots game better than the easier version, so if you have high school students, you can probably skip to the real game and be fine. This game would definitely help in building vocabulary for reading comprehension as well as improve SAT scores.



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4 Responses to “Rummy Roots Card Game”

  1. jen says:

    Boy does this bring back memories; when I was in high school up in New York I had this English teacher. Actually he was one of those teachers who stuck around for years and years and generations of my family were privileged to be in his class.

    Whenever he would speak and use words he would stop and explain the root of the words whether Greek or Latin. By the end of the year it became very easy to figure out the meaning of vocabulary words. On our PSAT’s and SAT’s this is such a useful skill as you said. Being able to break them down by their original roots….very cool and useful skill to have.

    • Susan says:

      How cool that your teacher took the time to explain the root of the words! I’m sure your SAT scores reflected the knowledge that you gained.

  2. I need to play more games with the kids. My husband is better at that than I am.

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