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Rummy Roots Card Game

Monday, May 23rd, 2011


Rummy Roots is a card game where your children can learn Greek and Latin root words. In the pre-Rummy Roots game, you match the English word to the Greek or Latin word. It’s like a go-fish game. In the real Rummy Roots card game, you join two or more Greek or Latin roots together to form English words. This is a lot harder and wasn’t as fun for my kids as the easier version of the game.


My 10-year-old son was the only one that liked the real Rummy Roots game better than the easier version, so if you have high school students, you can probably skip to the real game and be fine. This game would definitely help in building vocabulary for reading comprehension as well as improve SAT scores.



Free Online Bible Resources

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Bible-resources-1One of the fun Bible resources online to help you and your children love the Bible is the Bible on audio. Max McLean has a deep, luxurious voice as he reads the Bible and brings it to life. Here is the link for free Bible on audio:

Bible-resources-2Another fun resource is to listen to the Bible in Hebrew or Greek. Back when we were studying Israel, it was fun to hear what Hebrew sounded like. You can choose a familiar Psalm, for example. Now that we are studying Ancient Greece, we can listen to the New Testament in Greek, to see what it sounds like. Here is the link for the Academy of Ancient Languages:

Bible-resources-3If you have young children, you can have your children listen to Bible stories and do other activities that go with the different Bible stories. Here is the link for the Garden of Praise:

Bible-resources-4The last fun link for Bible class would be “Art and the Bible,” which shows lots of famous artwork that goes with Bible stories. If you click on “Old Testament,” and then “Genesis,” you will see the first chapter of Genesis along with five famous works of art, for example. Here is the link:

These are the only four links I have kept in my “Homeschooling: Bible” bookmarks on my computer. I consider them the best in what they have to offer, especially since they are free!